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Many startup...but few scaleup

ScaleUpU London

Most cities have robust startup eco-systems. Currently, the international focus is pivoting to create complementary scaleup eco-systems for middle-market companies.  Ultimately, it is the successful startups that scaleup into large, vibrant companies which drive economies.


In London and elsewhere, there are several programs designed to help startup companies. However, for organisations that have passed the startup phase, the options are very limited particularly for middle-market, high-potential firms with revenues of £5 million - £100 million.  Yet these firms have the best chance to scale 3x - 10x (and beyond) and to contribute significant growth to local economies.


Identifying, educating, supporting and honoring these companies – as communities similarly do for local startups and larger, established firms – is the essence of the ScaleUpU-London Initiative.


Verne Harnish, International business consultant, coach and author, has initiated a 12-month Executive Education Program to facilitate middle-market firms scaleup into larger firms. The inaugural ScaleUpU programme in the UK will be launched in London from May 1st - May 4th (Tue - Fri), 2018.

"...middle market high potential firms with revenues between £5 million and £50 million...have the best chance to scale to £100 million and beyond, contributing significant growth to the local economy."

"the essence of this initiative is to identify, educate, support, and honor these companies."

Local companies selected to participate in ScaleUpU will be provided with:

  • Access to leading high growth experts, investors, coaches, entrepreneurs. 

  • Expertise to provide timely, informed business and funding decisions

  • A vibrant ecosystem that supports and promotes innovation, entrepreneurialism and growth.

  • High visibility and national recognition as a selected ScaleUpU participant.


The anticipated benefits and results to the London region include:

  • Positioning one of the firms on a strong trajectory to £1 billion in revenue.

  • Assisting 5 - 10 companies scaleup with eventual exit for a combined £1 billion - £3 billion. 

  • Assisting 70% - 80% of the remaining 140 firms to increase their size 3x - 10x.


Better Education for Entrepreneurs Looking to ScaleUp

ScaleUpU is an accredited 12-month executive program similar to the “Birthing of Giants” (BOG) program that Verne Harnish, author of Scaling Up and founder of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO), launched over 25 years ago. At present, Verne’s “Entrepreneurial Masters Program” (EMP) is still conducted at the MIT campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts.


Collaboration and networking between scaleups is fostered through a series of executive education programs for CEOs and their teams.


Quarterly education and strategic planning sessions are customized for each scaleup, facilitated by a certified business advisor.


Accredited online courses for all leaders and employees provides the techniques and tools necessary to grow the talent needed to support scaling up.


London has been selected as a primary location for ScaleUpU because of its strong culture of entrepreneurship and its support of startup and high-growth companies.


If you're a scaleup in need of support; a local leader wanting to improve the local economy; or have something to contribute to both -- please reach out to us.

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